Integrated designing
Designing is a process of compiling description to create a yet-to-be constructed project based on the primary description by specifying calculated data.
Geoprojectsurvey’s specialty is integrated design of various projects.
Geodetic survey
High-quality geodetic survey constitutes the basis for preparing design complying with regulatory requirements and estimated life.
Technical infrastructure
Keeping technical infrastructure up-to-date is quite an expansive procedure, due to particular activities, special technological requirements to such works and equipment and integrated nature of the process.
Geological survey
Geological survey is a necessary stage of work ensuring reliability, stability and good operation of any construction. Design and construction performed without detailed surveying and estimating geological conditions may result in a number of adverse processes.
Development and implementation of new technologies of performance of geodetic works have always been performed to reduce terms and labor costs for field works. It is safe to say that any direction of lidar fully meets this principle. Popularity of innovative lidar technology is justified by a number of benefits compared to classic methods of survey.
Land use planning and cadastral survey
The Company’s specialists have enough experience and professional skills to provide full scope of activities to resolve land matters. We work through-out Russia and are familiar with all nuances of land tenure registration in different regions of our great country.
Ecology engineering survey
Ecology engineering survey is integrated studies of natural environment components, anthropogenic and sociological and economic conditions at the future facility location.
Area planning documentation
Area planning documentation is performed for built-up and to-be-built-up areas to organize the area in connection with planned construction (major repair, reconstruction) of a capital facility and necessity to develop utility, social and transport infrastructure based on functional and geographical zoning.
Laboratory investigation
Our company has modern special various purpose equipment for integrat- ed laboratory investigation. All laboratories are accredited under Russian legislation.
Archaeological research
Nowadays safeguarding archaeological heritage for future generations is considered one of the most important global cultural policy areas.
Nonstate expert review of design;
Construction expert evaluation;
Forensic land survey valuation;
Documents and engineering survey results.
Design of manufacturing and civil facilities field supervision
Industrial safety
Expert review
Condition survey of buildings and structures
Environmental planning;
Environmental examination of completed construction projects;
Environmental audit;
Environmental monitoring.
Geodetic survey;
Geological survey;
Survey geotechnical survey;
Hydrometeorological survey;
Ecology engineering survey;

Land use planning;
Сadastral survey;
Allocation of building land;
Forest surveying and forest land planning.
Area plan;
Boundary-setting plan;
Urban land development plan.
Aerial laser scanning
Mobile laser scanning
Terrestrial laser scanning

General Director
GeoProjectSurvey LLC
Nikolai Nikolaevich Alekseenko


Throughout 7 years of our existence, GeoProjectSurvey LLC has traveled a long way from a small survey company to the leader of design and survey industry in Russia.

The results of our work are our impeccable business standing and thus participation in the most important and influential projects throughout the country. We owe all our achievements to our reliable partners whose trust and friendly disposition were always of the highest value to us. We are a solid business team. Our employees are ambitious, energetic, self-motivated people with an attitude, individual work style and unique talents ensuring successful completion of any task set. Nowadays, marking time is not an option. That is why our activities on improving the company’s competitive strength include up-to-date resource management, implementing the company development program, providing updated technology and equipment, adopting cutting edge procedures and techniques, expanding presence geography and offering integrated solutions. And it is not even all.