Geoprojectsurvey Geography

2011-2013 yy.:
Drilled >100 000
meters of wells
2011-2013 yy.:
>22 000 Hectare Topography services
2011-2013 yy.: Сompleted over 110 objects
Throughout 7 years of our existence, GeoProjectSurvey LLC has traveled a long way from a small survey company to the leader of design and survey industry in Russia.

We owe all our achievements to our reliable partners whose trust and friendly disposition were always of the highest value to us.

We are a solid business team. Our employees are ambitious, energetic, self-motivated people with an attitude, individual work style and unique talents ensuring successful completion of any task set.
Nowadays, marking time is not an option. That is why our activities on improving the company’s competitive strength include up-to-date resource management, implementing the company development program, providing updated technology and equipment, adopting cutting edge procedures and techniques, expanding presence geography and offering integrated solutions. And it is not even all.

GeoProjectSurvey is open to cooperation and guarantees its partners:
  • — high technological standards and quality of work and services provided;
  • — individual integrated approach to each task;
  • — the best possible timing and prices.