Corporate social responsibility

Our company is of active social policy. We provide direct addressed support to two childcare centers in Ulyanovsk Region under our sponsorship, support various social projects for protection of health and children, as well as Russian cultural heritage preservation. One of such programs is sponsoring restoration of a church in Nizhny Novgorod Region.

GeoProjectSurvey is a responsible employer. Trying to form a professional business team, we also always care for social protection of our employees.

GeoProjectSurvey wage supplements include corporate cars, reimbursing  payments for sport facility services, voluntary health insurance program for employees, support in housing issues for nonresident employees, assistance in home purchasing. We hire young, promising and energetic officers. GeoProjectSurvey cooperates with Russian leading universities. Training in our company gives real possibility of joining our team.

Work in GeoProjectSurvey provides great opportunities for fulfilling your professional potential and making a career in the professional environment. Seeking development, we ensure regular career enhancement training, professional courses and accreditation for our specialists.

Corporate social responsibility  Corporate social responsibility