Effective from April 1, 2012, builders or technical customers (or individuals authorized by them) may choose state or non-state expert review of design documents and engineering survey results at their sole discretion (Town-planning Code of Russia, para. 5.1 art. 6 and para 3.4. art. 49).

Nonstate expert review of design documents and engineering survey results may be performed for:

various capital facilities, except for those funded by Russian budget, located within at least two Russian constituent entities, in exclusive economic zone, at continental shelf or in intracontinental seas, specially protected natural reservations, at federal highways, historical and cultural landmarks, hazardous industrial facilities.

Non-state expert evaluation may perform organizations accredited by appropriate governmental authorities.

Only experts registered in the state register and having appropriate qualification certificates are authorized to prepare expert reviews.


Unlike majority of organizations within this market segment which specialize in design expert evaluation only, Geoprojectsurvey’s core business is developing design documents and engineering survey materials. Over the last few years, our employees (experts) have participated in implementation of 500 large-scale projects of national importance concerning power industry, transport, manufacturing and civil construction facilities. The Company has enormous experience in state and other expert evaluation.

Due to such experience of our experts, we can decrease survey period and perform impartial, comprehensive and high-quality assessment of the documents provided for review.

We offer our customers only high- quality services, competitive prices and time for non-state expert evaluation of design documents and engineering survey results.