Forest surveying and forest land planning



Forest management fieldwork (forest management) is a special-purpose type of forestry activity providing for evaluation of the state of forests as well as development of activities aimed at their rational use, regeneration, conservation and protection of forests, their productivity and stability increase.


  • Development of forest divisions and forest parks;
  • Development of commercial, protection, reserved forests as well as designated forest sites;
  • Development of woodlands;
  • Connection of boundary layout of forest divisions, forest parks, commercial, protection, reserved forests, designated forest sites and woodlands;
  • Forest taxation;
  • Development of activities on conservation, protection and regeneration of forests.
  • We do forest management fieldwork at the following facilities:

  • Located on the forest reserve lands,
  • Lands of specially protected natural reservations,
  • Defense and security lands,
  • Settlement lands where municipal forests are located.

  • лесоустройство, план лесонасаждений по возрастам
    Management plan area according to species of wood
    All forest management fieldwork on development of forest divisions (forest parks) and connection of forest boundary layout, as a rule, are executed during initial forest management activities but in most cases development works reduce to boundary change or assignment of numbers to forest compartments and subcompartments as well as to parceling separate forest sites or their transfer from one category to the other to use for special needs.

    Forest management fieldwork on forest taxation and development of activities on conservation, protection and regeneration of forests are the most in-demand now as namely these types of works are necessary for creation or amendment of forest management regulations and forest management plans.

    Types of forest management fieldwork:

    1. Forest taxation
    2. Forest pathology research

    3. лесоустройство, план лесонасаждений по пожарной безопастности
      Management plan area according to danger classes


    Preparatory works:

    1. Arrangement and execution of the Meeting on Forest Management Fieldwork with the Customers, representatives of forest divisions (forest park), within the territory of which the work is executed, or representatives of specially protected natural reservations, lessees of woodlands, representatives of adjacent woodlands and other parties concerned. If necessary, representatives of executive authority and local self-government authorities, fire-fighting service of the Emergency Situations Ministry (ESM) and the others;
    Tasks of the Meeting on Forest Management Fieldwork:
  • Defining the list of sites belonging to the forests of forest management fieldwork facility, definition of forest management fieldwork facility and location relative to adjacent sites;
  • Execution of forest user list, definition of their addresses and nature of their forest site use;
  • Collection of all available materials: materials concerning previous forest management fieldwork, map materials and materials of aerial photographic survey (or satellite survey);
  • Collection of materials on available regulatory and administrative documents reflecting operations executed in the managed forests as well as concerning different operation documents important when executing forest management fieldwork.
  • 2. Collection, analysis and correction of available text and graphic materials, definition of their level of relevance, reliability and applicability for use when executing forest management fieldwork;
    3. Preparation of collected materials to work (scanning, execution of fragments, extracts, copies);
    4. Requesting relevant text and graphic materials in the bodies of the Federal Service for State Registration, Cadaster and Cartography;
    5. Acquisition of necessary map materials and aerial photographic survey (or satellite survey) materials for the territory of work facility;
    6. In case of material absence or at the Customer’s option we can do aerial photographic survey and aerial laser scanning
    with OUR OWN authorized equipment;
    7. Digitalization of the data collected for further use both in field controllers of taxators and when doing office studies of field materials.


    At this stage works on connection of boundary layout of forest divisions, forest parks, commercial, protection, reserved forests, designated forest sites and woodlands and works on field forest taxation are done. We can do cutting of survey lines, compartment lines, installation of forest management signs and other works on connection of boundary layout, if the Work Specification requires this.

    This stage also includes the following:
  • Forest taxation
  • Forest pathology research

  • Office works:

    At the office work stage formation of text and graphic documents of forest management is executed based on materials collected in the course of field works, as a rule, they include the following:

  • Sketch maps and plans of forest divisions of different thematic colors
  • Management many-leaved
  • General view and different thematic schemes
  • Aerial photographic mosaics and photo index many-leaved
  • Sheets and forms for the State Forest Register and current forest accounting
  • Forest management regulations or forest development plans
  • Other documents necessary for the Customer.
  • All the materials are prepared by us and transferred to the Customer both in paper and electronic format. Taxation databases combined with map materials are the basis for automation of all forest accounting works, calculation of different values, output of reports and sheets, development of forest management works.

    On the Customer’s demand we can execute accounting materials in any format of available geographic information systems and forest information systems.