Technical infrastructure

Keeping technical infrastructure up-to-date is quite an expansive procedure, due to particular activities, special technological requirements to such works and equipment and integrated nature of the process.

GeoProjectSurvey actively implements international and Russian quality management system programs oriented at improving management system and service quality, enhancing efficiency of company’s workflow, increasing staff responsibility and discipline and generally better image and investment prospects, as a result.
  • A number of cutting edge drilling units: Tracked multipurpose universal lightarmored towing vehicle (MTLBU) UGB- 001; drilling unit URB-2A-2, including the tracked one, “Zhuravl”, for hard-to-reach places; small EGER II wheel undercarriage drilling units UBShM 1-13 and UAZ 390944; vibration drilling machines AVB-2M, UBShM 1-13; static penetration testing unit PIKA 17, 19; drilling units PBU 2-3, UGRB-001 w/ KAMAZ undercarriage, etc.;
  • Equipment for studying properties and monitoring soil mass performance afield: pressuremeters, static penetration testing equipment, ground-penetrating radars, stamps, equipment for geotechnical monitoring of hazardous engineering and geological processes;
  • Modern geophysical equipment: equipment for electrical and seismic exploration (seismographic systems);
  • latest high-precision geodesic equipment of the following brands: JAVAD, HiPer, Topcon, Trimble, TSC2, TOPCON, Sokkia, Leica" power Arctic, etc.;
  • Fleet of cars and special-purpose vehicles, including ones having caterpillar tracks, low-pressure tyres and cross-country chassis for works in hard-to-reach areas: (snowmobiles “Buran”, snow and swamp-going vehicle “Viking”, UAZ SKB-600, UAZ Trekol, special-purpose motor water vehicles “Kombat” and “Komandor”);
  • Vehicles for personnel and freight transportation to sites of works: buses, personnel carrier, trucks;
  • Wide range of laboratory equipment for company’s development and testing laboratories:
  • cutting edge chemical analytical equipment: FT-IR Spectrometer for identifying oil products (Nicolet is5); ICP Emission Spectrometer (iCAP 6000); HELC - liquid chromatograph;
  • high-precision soil lab equipment for compression, single plane shear and triaxial compression testing of soil strength and strain properties;
  • frost effect laboratory equipment;
  • construction testing laboratory equipment;
  • mobile radiation and physical impact laboratories are equipped with: (in-fraultra) sound level meters, vibrometers, dosimeters, electromagnetic field measuring devices, Rn determination equipment, gas analyzers.

We use the last versions of licensed special-purpose software.

In 2013, the company purchased RIEGL VMX- 450 (MLS) – LKZ and RIEGL LMS- Q780 (ALS), the latest multipurpose equipment for mobile and airborne laser scanning.